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Inclusionist, or Inclus, is a term for anyone who is inclusive to all identities within the LGBTQ+ community. This includes xenogenders, neopronouns, a-specs, m-specs, and any other identity.

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Ally Similar An individual that supports and advocates for the rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals Inclusionist refers to the acceptance of unique LGBTQ+ minorities and their experiences within their respective scopes, whereas allyship refers to the support of the overall umbrella.
Exclusionist Opposite Someone who attempts to gatekeep the LGBTQ+ community by claiming certain groups aren't really LGBTQ+. Exclusionists are not inclusive to all LGBTQ+ identities.

Inclusionist Groups

Label Identity Flag Description Creator(s)
A-Specs of the Axe[1] A-Spec [1] A-spec individuals who support all a-spec identities. DeltaMakesArt
Aurora Lesbians[2] Lesbian [3] All-inclusive lesbians, usually used to describe the flag, but can be used to describe individuals as well. ferretwlw
Bayonet Bisexual Bisexual Bayonet Bisexual.png[4] Bisexuals who support all m-spec identites. itsfloat
Bisexuals of the Blade[5] Bisexual [5] Bisexuals who support all m-spec identities. bisexualpositivity
Chimerian Xenogender Clan[6] Xenogender [6] An inclusionist group within the r/XenogendersAndMore subreddit to counter xenogender exclusionists. SilentFoxProductions
Cisn't Transmission[7] Cisn't [7] Non-cis individuals who support all of those who don't feel dysphoria, are non-binary, identify with xenogenders, use neopronouns, etc. Musephile
Demigenders of the Dagger[2] Demigender [2] Demigender individuals who support everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, regardless of sexuality, gender or pronouns. Koudvurr
Dragon Diamoric[8] Diamoric [8] Diamoric individuals who defend m-spec orientations while fighting against exclusionists. SilentFoxProductions
Flagpole Queer[9] Any LGBTQIA+ Individuals [9] An inclusive group that fights against gate-keeping in the LGTBQIA+ community and fights for free coining, especially xenogenders and neopronouns. The Flagpole Queers fight against Gravity Knife Gays, Longsword Lesbians, Exclusionist MOGAI, and all other exclusionist groups. Catitudethecat
Gays of the Guillotine[10] Gay [10] Gay men who support all gay men. Stitchy0, Definitelynotanalien
Lesbians of the Longbow[11] Lesbian [11] Lesbians who support all lesbians. Definitelynotanalien
Lykoi Lesbians Lesbian Lesbians that hold the stance that m-spec, a-spec, transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, pronoun non-conforming, etc. lesbians are valid. Anonymous
Lykoi Sapphic[12] Sapphic LykoiSapphic.png[12] Sapphic individuals inclusive of all good-faith sapphic individuals, including m-spec, a-spec, transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, pronoun non-conforming, etc. sapphic individuals. Anonymous
Machete Multisexuals[13] Multisexual Machete Multisexual.png[13] Multisexual individuals who support and celebrate inclusivity, and fight against gatekeeping and exclusion within the LGBTQ+ community. Cutecrip
Nuclear Bomb Neptunics Neptunic Neptunic individuals who support everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, regardless of sexuality, gender, pronouns and identities. Lxvenderjewel
Oberon-Class Omnisexuals Omnisexual Omnisexual individuals who support and celebrate inclusivity while fighting against gatekeeping and exclusion within the LGBTQ+ community. Tusk The Ferret
Pans of the Parashu Pan Pan individuals who feel it is unjust to discriminate against individuals because of their gender, pronouns or orientation. Alora The Queen Of The Underworld
Switchblade Sapphics Sapphic Sapphic individuals who support all sapphics. Unfunny person420
Trident Trixics Trixic Trixic individuals fighting against exclusionist groups. AllieThePrince
Trident Torics Toric Toric individuals fighting against exclusionist groups. AllieThePrince
Unicorn Horn Uranics Uranic Uranic individuals who support and celebrate inclusivity while fighting against gatekeeping and exclusion within the LGBTQ+ community. BisexualBlockhead

Flags and Symbols

An anti-exclusionist flag, named the Lammergeier flag, was created by Reddit/FANDOM user Grinalbi.[14] It was made in response to the exclusionists flag and rhetoric around the time the E.C.L.I.P.S.E. community on Twitter was creating their flags.

The meaning of the Lammergeier flag goes as follows:[15]

  • Woodsmoke - Combination of all the colors of the rainbow spectrum, symbolizing unity, inclusion and variety.
  • Crimson red - Wrath against those who seek to divide and abuse the community, whether they are exclusionists, queerphobes, or the like.
  • Brick orange - Warmth, love, passion and solidarity towards the queer community.
  • Faded orange - The freedom and right to exist as one's true self, even when faced with adversity and strife.
  • Sand - The whole community shining bright like the sun.

The Bisexual of the Sunset Blade flags were created as alternatives for the Bisexual of the Blade movement.[16] It is unclear what the addition of the 'sunset' implies.


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