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Masculine is a gender quality used to describe those who present a specific set of traits that is traditionally associated with men and/or boys.[1] These traits typically refer to one's gender identity or one's gender presentation. Though it is associated with men, it is not exclusive to them, and can be used by women, enbies, and others.[2] Individuals that are assigned as male at birth are often taught to behave in a masculine manner.[3]

The exact qualities of masculinity depends greatly on culture and time period.

Western Masculinity

Western society usually ascribes masculine personalities to be:

  • Bold,
  • Assertive,
  • Strong,
  • Competitive,
  • Ambitiousnes,
  • Independent.[3][4]

As for appearance, masculine physical traits include:

  • Short hair,
  • Facial hair,
  • Body hair,
  • Wearing pants or suits,
  • Presenting with blue colors.[5][6]

Masculine behavioral traits include:

  • Football, soccer, and other sports,[2]
  • Being more involved in the workplace.[7]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Androgynous Similar A specific set of traits that is traditionally associated with both women, girls, men and/or boys. Androgynous includes feminine qualities.
Feminine Counterpart A specific set of traits that is traditionally associated with women and/or girls. Feminine qualities differ to masculine qualities.
Man Counterpart A binary gender associated with masculinity and a connection to boyhood or manhood. Man is the stereotypical gender counterpart to masculine.

Flags and Symbols

The masculine flag was created by imoga-pride on the 17th of December, 2018.[8]


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