Prefix: Cis-
Main Umbrella: Gender Modality

Gender(s): Same as one's ASAB/AGAB

Cisgender is a gender modality for individuals that identify as the gender they were assigned at birth, the Latin prefix cis- meaning "on the same side" as in the cis–trans distinction in chemistry.

Cissexual is a related term that is based off of transsexual/transsex. In some contexts, it can be useful to distinguish between cisgender and cissexual, along with distinguishing between transgender and transsexual.[1] Cissexual can refer to someone who has not changed their bodies through medical interventions, such as hormones and/or surgeries, and does not seek to medically change their body.

This distinction can be useful as it's possible to be transgender and cissexual, meaning one identifies as another gender, but does not wish to medically transition. It is also possible to be cisgender and transsexual. For example, some drag artists and other gender non-conforming individuals may identify as cisgender, but still seek aspects of a gender transition.citation needed


The origin of 'cis' in reference to gender is credited to Carl Buijs, who proposed the term in 1995, and although the word had been used on the internet before 1995, Carl Buijs is the first recorded source to define the term.[2]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Cissexual Counterpart An individual whose current and desired sex characteristics match their original/birth sex. Cissex refers to bodily anatomy and hormones
Transgender Opposite An individual that does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. Transgender is the opposite of Cisgender
Cisn't Opposite An umbrella term for anyone that does not identify as Cisgender. Cisn't is the opposite of Cisgender


Label Suffix Flag Description Creator(s)
Cisman / Cisboy -Man / -Boy Cisman.png Cisboy.jpg[3] A man whose gender aligns with their gender assignment. unknown, stardusted-queerness
Ciswoman / Cisgirl -Woman / -Girl Ciswoman.png Cisgirl.jpg[3] A woman whose gender aligns with their gender assignment. unknown, stardusted-queerness

Flags and Symbols

The most well known cisgender flag was created by DeviantArt user FlagsforCisHets on 4 Aug, 2016, though it has no confirmed meaning.[4] Two alternate flags were created by the same user on their Tumblr.[5]

An alternate flag was created by FANDOM wiki user ThunderBrine on 17 Nov, 2021. The cisgender flag is depicted using gray, and well as azure and rose on direct opposite ends on the flag, symbolizing gender isolation from each other, as if the color were to touch, it could be interpreted as gender questioning, or the midway point between identifying as cisgender and transitioning into transgender. There is also a flag with no cisgender symbols on them.

The cisman and ciswoman flags were created by an unknown individual.

An alternate cisboy and cisgirl flag were created by stardusted-queerness on July 16, 2023. The creator created the alternatives without the inclusion of grey, as they felt that the color grey in the context of gender modality represented unimportance, or stereotypical normality - of which appears to designate cisgender as a bland or unimportant identity.[3]


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