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Demigender is an umbrella term for genders, in which one is partially, but not fully a given gender. It can also describe those who feel a slight connection to a gender, but not enough to fully identify as that gender, partly identify as one gender and partly another/other genders. Some parts of their gender may or may not be known.

Demigender individuals may identify as another gender in combination with this term, such as demigender and bigender. Demigender can also be an identity in of itself, which includes individuals who feel a partial connection to the concept of gender, rather than being connected to a specific gender/group of genders (see demiboy, demigirl and similar). Demigender individuals often identify as non-binary and may additionally identify as transgender, though not always. Demigender individuals can also be transmasculine, transfeminine, something else or neither.

Being demigender does not necessarily mean that one is partially a given gender and partially agender or genderless, though it can be. One can be, for example, a demiboy and a demigirl at the same time, meaning part of one's gender is boy and the other part is girl. The "other part" of one's gender can be any gender or combination of genders. In addition to that, any part of their gender can be static, fluid, fluctuating, fluix or something else entirely.

The opposite of demigender is hypergender.


Related Terms


Label Prefix / Suffix Flag Description Creator(s)
Demigirl -Girl Partially, but not fully, a girl or woman. Transrant[1]
Demiboy -Boy Partially, but not fully, a boy or man. Transrant[2]
Demineutral / Demineutrois -Neutral/ -Neutrois Demineutral.png


Partially, but not fully, neutral or neutrosis. Demineutrois- Pride Flags[3]

Demineutral- Imoga[4]

Deminonbinary -Nonbinary Deminonbinary.png Partially, but not fully, non-binary.
Demiagender -Agender Demiagender.png Partially, but not fully, agender. enbygsrd[5]
Demixenogender -Xenogender Demixenogender.png Partially, but not fully, xenogender. the-gender-collector-emself [6]

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