Pan (orientation)

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Pansexuality flag.png

Orientation: Any
Prefix: Pan-
Main Umbrella: Mspec
GxG Format: ?x@

Genders: Any
Attracted To: All

Pan (orientation) is an orientation prefix encompassing the attraction towards individuals regardless of gender identity, the prefix pan- meaning "all" or "every".[1] It is also sometimes described as the attraction towards any genders in the same way or to the same degree.[2] Pan individuals may be described as being "gender blind" in that gender is not a factor in their attraction to an individual.[3]


The term 'pansexuality' as a method to describe human sexual identity emerged in the 1990s.[4]

'Panromantic' seems to have gained popularity in the mid-2000s, possibly along with the other terms that involve the split attraction model.[5]needs expanding

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Bi Similar Attraction to two or more genders Bisexuality doesn't have to encompass attraction to all
Omni Similar Attraction to all genders Omnisexuality includes a gender preference
Poly Similar Attraction to many genders Polysexual doesn't include attraction to all


Label Orientation Flag Creator(s)
Panaesthetic Aesthetic Panaesthetic.png[6] Swiftinspring
Panalterous Alterous [7] Pride-Flags
Panplatonic Platonic Panplatonic.png[8] disneyfan1413
Panqueerplatonic Queerplatonic Panqueerplatonic.png[9] ask-pride-color-schemes
Panromantic Romantic Panromantic.png[10] Pride-Flags
Pansensual Sensual Pansensual.png[11] Pansensual2.jpg[12] Pride-Flags
Pansexual[4] Sexual Pansexuality Pride Flag.svg[13] shrikeabyssals
Pansocial Social Pansocial Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags.png[14] Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags

Prefixes and Suffixes

Label Prefix / Suffix Flag Description Creator(s)
Fox Pan Fox Fox Pan.png[15] A pan individual who prefers cuddles, hugs, kisses and other affectionate and sensual non-sexual acts over sexual acts.[15] panaceparent
Panflux -Flux Panflux.png[16] A pan individual who is gender blind, but other aspects of their attraction are fluid. pride-color-schemes

Flags and Symbols

The pansexual flag was created in 2010 by shrikeabyssals.[13] The flag's meaning has been loosely defined, but most interpret the pink to represent attraction to women, yellow to represent attraction to non-binary individuals, and blue to represents attraction to men.

A common symbol for pansexuality is a P with an arrow and crossed tail. The cross is from the symbol for Venus, representing women, and the arrow is from the symbol for Mars, representing men. The symbol predates the flag.needs expanding[17]

Another panromantic flag was created by a now deleted Tumblr user, uploaded onto the DeviantArt account Pride-Flags in 2015. The red and blue represent attraction to binary men and women, orange represents attraction to genders outside of the binary and between the binary, and green represents attraction to those who are genderless or gender neutral.[18]

The pink, yellow, and blue alternate panaesthetic flag was created by sunny-flags.[19] Another alternate panaesthetic flag was created by Tumblr user arco-pluris on the 2nd of March, 2018.[20]


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