Anattractional Spectrum

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Orientation: Any
Prefix: A-
Main Umbrella: Orientation

The Anattractional Spectrum (commonly shortened to aspec or a-spec) is an umbrella term for orientation types that lack attraction, the prefix an- meaning not, without, or lacking in Greek.[1][2] It is most commonly used to describe aromantic/aro-spec and/or asexual/ace-spec individuals, but can encompass tertiary orientations such as aplatonic/apl-spec.[3][4] A*-spec, or a*spec is a German variation, of which can include agender and/or autistic individuals.[5][6][7] The asterisk is often used in queer German terminology as a form of gender-appropriate language that includes all genders or variations.[8]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Allo- Opposite An orientation prefix umbrella encompassing individuals that experience attraction. Allo individuals experience attraction, whereas aspec individuals lack attraction.


The most common aspec orientations include:

Prefixes and Suffixes

Label Prefix/Suffix Flag Description Creator
Anattractional An- [9] An individual who experiences no attraction whatsoever.[9] twilight-moon-velvet
Omniaspec / Omnaspec Omni- / Omn- [10] An individual who lacks attraction conditionally, partly, or fully for every type of orientation.[11] Arco-pluris, Light
Panaspec Pan- [10] An individual who experiences no attraction whatsoever, at any point in time.[12] Anonymous, Light

Flags and Symbols

The anattractional flag was created by Loki, which was designed as "a spectrum including those who do not feel attraction on one or more axes[sic]".[2]


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