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Prefix: -flux
Main Umbrella: Fluctuating Gender

Gender(s): Gender which fluctuates in intensity

Not to be confused with Genderfluid.

Genderflux is a term which refers to someone whose gender fluctuates in intensity, typically between gendered and non-gendered.[1][2]

This means that a genderflux individual may feel fully like a given gender at one time, and at a later time may only feel mostly like a given gender (paragender), partially a given gender (demigender), slightly a given gender (libragender), or feel like they have no gender at all (agender).[2]

For example, a girlflux individual may fluctuate from agender, to librafeminine, to demigirl, to paragirl, to fully girl. An individual who solely identifies as girlflux would not experience any genders other than agender, demigirl, girl, and other varying intensities of girl.

A genderflux individual's gender intensity may change at different rates over the course of hours, days, weeks, months, or possibly years. Some individuals may experience their gender intensity change on a consistent "schedule", whereas others will experience these changes inconsistently.[3]

Due to the nature of genderflux, individuals may also identify as non-binary, genderqueer, and/or transgender.

The suffix -flux can be applied to any gender to indicate that the intensity of that gender fluctuates.


The term genderflux was first seen in the April 1994 volume of the Queer Pagans newsletter.[4] The coining of the current definition of genderflux is attributed to now-deactivated Tumblr user deergoths, also known as bigendeer, as early as March 16th, 2014.[5][6]

Fashion blogger and activist Elliott Alexzander launched a brand of genderless, non-binary and transgender-themed clothing named #GENDERFLUX (also known as GENDER FLUX) in 2014.[7]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Genderfluid Similar An individual whose gender identity or presentation changes over time. Genderfluid indicates a shifting between different genders, whereas genderflux indicates a fluctuation in the intensity of one's gender.
Genderfluix Similar An individual whose gender identity or presentations changes and fluctuates in intensity over time. Genderfluix includes both genderfluid and genderflux.


Label Prefix / Suffix Flag Description Creator(s)
Boyflux / Manflux[8] Boy- / Man- [9] Varying intensities of boy or man. kitsuneshay-blog, ModHermy
Nonbinaryflux / Enbyflux[10] Nonbinary- / Enby- [10] Varying intensity of a non-binary gender. Zatruc-Neigea
Girlflux / Womanflux[8] Girl- / Woman- [11] Varying intensities of girl or woman. kitsuneshay-blog, ModHermy

Flags and Symbols

The first known genderflux pride flag, as well as an edited symmetrical alternative design, were posted on DeviantArt by the moderators of the Pride-Flags account on July 4th, 2015, who credits the original concept of these designs to tumblr user pride-flags-for-us.[12][13] Two additional flag designs were uploaded by the same DeviantArt account on August 14th, 2015.[14][15] The Tumblr account pride-color-schemes, run by the same moderators as the Pride-Flags DeviantArt account, states that the color meanings intended by the designers of these flags are unknown, but it has been deemed likely that pink and blue represent women and men respectively, the lighter shades representing demigirls and demiboys, grey representing a lack of gender, and yellow representing non-binary.[16][2]

A fifth alternative genderflux pride flag was published by user Fandom Wiki user Cryptocrew on the 17th of February, 2021. The flag consists of a red percent symbol overlaid on yellow, blue, and purple circles of increasing size, on a grey and black background. The black represents the anonbinary spectrum, grey represents the agender spectrum, purple is for the non-binary spectrum, blue is for the spectrum of masculine genders, yellow is for the spectrum of xenic genders, and red is for the spectrum of feminine genders. The percent symbol represents the fluctuation of the intensity of the individual's gender.[17]

A sixth alternative genderflux pride flag was published by Wiki user Rhythmsancat on the 14th of December, 2021.[18]

The original boyflux and girlflux flags and symbols were created by kitsuneshay-blog on the 19th of August, 2015. The blue represents men, pink representing women, purple representing between men and women, green representing the outside of the binary, white representing an absence of gender, and grey representing unknown or unnamed genders.[8]


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