Prefixes and Suffixes

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Various prefixes and suffixes are commonly used to alter the meaning of various genders and/or orientations. Common examples include demi-, and -fluid. These prefixes and suffixes can concatenate to make potentially limitless combinations of terms, such as demipangenderflux, using the root term pangender. This page lists common suffixes in the context of LGBTQIA terminology, as well as their out of context meanings. Prefixes are encompassed within their respective pages, i.e. bi (orientation), a (orientation), etc.

Suffix term definitions are provided by Wiktionary.

Common Suffixes

Suffix Language Meaning Usage Example
-aesic (aesthetic)[1] German/French Concerned with beauty, artistic impact, or appearance. Genders that relates to a concept/entity, or its aesthetics.[2] Dogaesic is a gender related to dogs, or their aesthetic.
-cenic (center)[3] Middle French A topic that is particularly important in a given context. Something that is central to, at the heart of, or otherwise part of a gender.[4] Dogcenic individuals have a gender that centralises around dogs.
-comfic (comfort)[5] Middle English Contentment, ease. A cause of relief or satisfaction. Genders that relate to one's comforts.[6] Dogcomfic individuals experience comfort with/around dogs.
-corian (core)[7] Middle English The central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. A combination of -coric and -cenic; genders that are related to core aesthetics but not exactly -coric.[8] Dogcorian is a gender related to dogcore (a non-existant core aesthetic).
-coric (core)[7] Middle English The central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. Genders that relate to existing core aesthetics.[9][10][11] Cottagecoric is a gender related to cottagecore (an existing -core aesthetic).
-curious[12] Middle English Tending to ask questions, or to want to explore or investigate; inquisitive. Showing interest or curiosity in experimenting with those of the specified gender. Homocurious individuals are interested in experimenting with those of the same gender.
-flexible[13] Middle English Willing or prone to give way to the influence of others; not invincibly rigid or obstinate. Experiences very rare tendencies to be attracted to other genders than the specified gender. Homoflexible individuals are attracted to others of the same gender, but is rarely attracted to different genders.
-fluid[14] Middle English Any substance which can flow with relative ease, and tends to assume the shape of its container. Identity changing between concepts related to the specified identity. Mascfluid individuals change between masculine genders.
-flux[15] Old French The act of flowing; a continuous moving on or passing by, as of a flowing stream. An identity that fluctuates in intensity. Mascflux individuals are strongly masculine sometimes, and weakly masculine at other times.
-fog[16] Multiple A mist or film clouding a surface. Knowing one is within an orientation spectrum but are unsure if they experience said attraction as a result of their neurodiversity. Acefog individuals know they are asexual but are unsure if they experience sexual attraction as a result of their neurodiversity.
-ish[17] Middle English Somewhat, rather, about, approximately. Almost or approximately. Boyish individuals almost identify as boys.
-jump[18] Middle English To cause oneself to leave an elevated location and fall downward. Occasionally experiences the specified identity, before returning to the previous other side of the spectrum. Acejump individuals are temporarily asexual before returning to the previous orientation.
-mid[19] Old English Occupying a middle position or with, in conjunction with; together (with). Strictly the specified term, and partially on another spectrum. Aromid individuals are strictly aromantic and partially asexual.
-spike[20] Multiple A surge in power or in the price of a commodity, etc.; any sudden and brief change that would be represented by a sharp peak on a graph. Normally the specified identity, but occasionally experiencing sudden and intense identity on the other side of the spectrum for a short period of time. Acespike individuals are normally asexual, but occasionally experience sudden and intense sexual attraction for a short period of time.
-vague[21] Middle English Of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning. Identities that are influenced by one's neurodivergence. Acevague individuals are those whose asexuality is influenced by their neurodivergence.
-void[22] Multiple Containing nothing; empty; not occupied or filled. Experiences neutral or no feelings towards one's own orientations except the specified orientation. An Acevoid individual experiences neutral or no feelings towards one's own orientations except one's asexuality.[22]


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