Queerplatonic Attraction and Orientation

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Queerplatonic Attraction is a form of attraction that is neither romantic nor sexual, but involves the desire for a close emotional bond and a high level of commitment.[1] Queerplatonic relationships may also be called quasiplatonic ('quasi-' meaning 'almost'), quirkyplatonic, or qplatonic relationships, and are sometimes abbreviated as QPRs.[2] Queerplatonic relationships differ from typical platonic friendships by having more explicit expectations, validation, status, structure, and norms, similar to those of a conventional romantic relationship.[3] However, queerplatonic attraction is not defined by the absence of romance or sex, but by the presence of a strong attraction and connection that goes beyond the norms of friendship.[4]

Queerplatonic attraction and relationships can take many forms and expressions, depending on the preferences and boundaries of the individuals involved.[3] Queerplatonic relationships can also be non-exclusive or polyamorous, meaning that one can have more than one queerplatonic partner at the same time.[5] The amount and type of intimacy in a queerplatonic relationship is determined by the mutual consent and comfort of the partners. Some examples of queerplatonic intimacy are:

  • Living together
  • Co-parenting
  • Platonically marrying
  • Cuddling
  • Holding hands
  • Kissing
  • Sleeping together

A queerplatonic desire for another individual may be called a squish (the same term used for platonic desire), but is less commonly referred to as a plush, or a squash.[6]

Queerplatonic relationships are not widely recognized or understood by mainstream society, and may face discrimination or invalidation from others who do not respect or accept their relationship status. Some people may mistake queerplatonic relationships for romantic or sexual relationships, or for ordinary friendships. Queerplatonic partners may also face challenges in finding legal recognition or protection for their relationship rights. Therefore, queerplatonic partners may need to communicate clearly and openly with each other and with others about their relationship expectations and needs.


The term queerplatonic originated in the aromantic and asexual communities as a way to name and validate their significant relationships that did not fit into the heteronormative model of romance and sexuality.[4] Queerplatonic relationships are an alternative to the assumption that everyone desires or needs romantic or sexual relationships, and challenge the Western culture’s understanding of intimacy and commitment. Queerplatonic relationships may also appeal to people who identify as bisexual, pansexual, polyamorous, or queer, as they offer more flexibility and diversity in expressing their attractions and affections.

Queerplatonic partners are sometimes referred to as a QPP (queerplatonic partner), mallowfriend/marshmallowfriend, or a zucchini.[7][5]


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