Orientation: Sexual and Romantic
Prefix: Vari-
Main Umbrella: Orientation

Varioriented (shortened to vario or varior), also known as cross-oriented, refers to someone whose sexual orientation and romantic orientation are "mismatched", split, incongruous, or mixed.[1] A few examples include: someone who is asexual and panromantic, someone who is gay (homosexual) and greyromantic, or someone who is heterosexual and biromantic. Varioriented is typically used to describe individuals on a-spec (ace-spec or aro-spec, or both, but with different orientations on each spectrum) who use the split attraction model; however, there can be varioriented individuals who are both allosexual and alloromantic. For example, someone who is heteroromantic and pansexual. The noun form is variorientation or cross-orientation.

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Perioriented Opposite When one's sexual orientation matches their romantic orientation. Varioriented have differing orientations compared to perioriented's matching orientations.


Variorientation was coined by Sarah (Tumblr user sparebear) on or before February 2014 as a "non-matching identity" for situations of romantic/sexual orientations.[2][3]


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