Poly (orientation)

Polysexuality Pride Flag.svg

Orientation: Any
Prefix: Poly-
Main Umbrella: Mspec
GxG Format: ?x?+

Genders: Any
Attracted To: Many genders

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Poly, also spelled ply or poli, is an orientation prefix encompassing the attraction to many, but not necessarily all genders.

A poly individual may be attracted to nearly all genders with some exceptions, such as being attracted to all genders except men. Alternatively they may be attracted to many select genders, such as being attracted only to non-binary individuals, genderfluid individuals, and Gender Alignment individuals.

Poly individuals may or may not have a gender preference and may or may not experience a difference in attraction between genders.

Individuals who feel they experience attraction to a spectrum of many genders, rather than a select scattering of genders, may identify as spectresexual.

The word poly has a few definitions, but the popular ones are; ‘many, several, much.’[1] The term Polysexual was added to the dictionary[2] on March 1st 2018,


Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Bi Similar Attraction to two or more genders. Poly may or may not have gender preferences.
Pan Similar Attraction to all genders. Poly does not encompass attraction to all genders.
Omni Similar Attraction to all genders, with or without a preference. Poly does not encompass attraction to all genders.


Label Orientation Flag Creator(s)
Polyaesthetic Aesthetic (Citation Needed)
Polyalterous Alterous Polyalterous.png(Citation Needed)
Polyplatonic Platonic
Polyqueerplatonic Queerplatonic (Citation Needed)
Polyromantic Romantic Polyromantic.png(Citation Needed)
Polysensual Sensual (Citation Needed)
Polysexual Sexual Polysexuality Pride Flag.svg(Citation Needed)

Prefixes and Suffixes

Label Prefix/Suffix Flag Description Creator
Polyflux/Polysexualflux -flux Unknown
Poly Chinchilla Stawi

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