Main Umbrella: Miaspec
GxG Format: M

Gender(s): Any genders that are related to maleness and/or manhood

Miaspec, or the miagender spectrum, is an umbrella term for anyone on the "male" viabinary-to-binary spectrum.[1] This includes anyone whose gender is male/man/wergender, partly male/man, male-aligned or adjacent, man-aligned or adjacent, or is similar to or in some way resembles maleness/manhood.

Miaspec includes genders that are related to maleness and/or manhood, even if they are not masculine. They do not necessarily have to identify with notions of masculinity or be masculine-aligned.

Miagender and gendervir can also be used interchangeably as a singular gender for those who fall into this spectrum.

The state of having a miagender or having a gender which exists on the miagender spectrum is called miaty.


Miaspec was coined by momma-mogai-sphinx on March 24, 2019.[1] The flag was created on October 2, 2019.[2]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Differences
Boy+ Similar Boy+ is when one identifies completely as a boy, plus additional genders. Boy+ can include non-male genders.
Bxy Similar Bxy or Mxn (pronounced 'boy x' or 'man x') is a gender identity for individuals that identify as both a man/boy and agender/genderless. Bxy is also partly genderless.
Enboy Similar Enboy is a term for someone who is a non-binary man. Enboy is also non-binary.
Fiaspec Opposite Fiaspec is an umbrella term for anyone on the female/woman spectrum. Fiaspec refers to femine, females, and women.
Mingender Similar Mingender is an umbrella term for all genders which are masculine in nature (MIN). Mingender is for genders that are in some way masculine, whereas miaspec includes genders that are related to maleness/manhood (even if they are not masculine in any way).
Solarian Counterpart Solarian is a male/masculine non-binary gender alignment from the galactian alignment system. Solarian belongs to the Galactian Alignment System.
Wergender Similar Wergender is another word for binary man, male, boy, or guy. It is a simpler way to refer to all individuals who are binary male, or very close to binary male. Miaspec is less binary and strict than wergender.


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