Umbrella Term

A rendition of the various gender umbrellas and how they intersect.

An Umbrella Term, in the context of the LGBTQIA+ community, refers to a term or identity that encompasses several other identities.[1] It usually refers to a group of orientations or gender identities that have something in common. A person could identify as one of the specific identities under an umbrella term or with the umbrella term itself (though in some cases this is not possible).

Some umbrella terms themselves fall under umbrella terms. For example, xenogender is an umbrella term that falls under the umbrella term of non-binary.

Examples of common umbrella terms include:

  • Non-Binary (which encompasses any gender that isn't fully man nor woman)
  • Queer (which encompasses any genders that are defined as diverse)
  • Gay (which encompasses any sexuality that is same-gender loving)
  • Multisexual (which encompasses any sexuality that is attraction to more than one gender)
  • Asexual Spectrum (which encompasses asexuality and any related sexualities, or lack thereof)
  • Intersex (which encompasses many types of intersex biology)