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Orientation: Any
Prefix: Hetero-
GxG Format: ?x!

Genders: Any
Attracted To: Opposite or dissimilar genders

Straight (also known as Heterosexual) is used to describe individuals who are attracted to their opposite sex or gender. In the most common scenarios, heterosexality is men attracted to women, and women attracted to men.[1][2]

The usage of the word 'opposite' in the standard definition relates to the gender binary, thus excluding many non-binary individuals who do not have an opposite gender. To combat this, an alternative definition of straight is the attraction to dissimilar genders, or to gender(s) unlike one's own.citation needed The term strayt was also coined exclusively for use by non-binary individuals, as well as diamoric orientations that encompass more than just straight attraction.

Regardless of one's orientation, a relationship between two individuals of the opposite gender may be considered a straight, heterosexual, or duaric relationship.


Heterosexual as a term was initially coined in 1869 (alongside homosexual) by Károly Mária Kertbeny as a medical term, but it was more frequently used colloquially in the 1960s.[3] Heterosexual is sometimes shortened to just 'hetero', the Greek prefix heteros- meaning 'another'.[4] The term straight originated from the act of 'curing' homosexuality, forcing gay individuals to go 'back on the straight and narrow'.[5]

Breeder is an alternative term (but primarily derogatory) that refers to straight individuals who focus on having offspring, and is not typically used for self-identification.[6][7]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Differosexual Similar Attraction to multiple genders that are dissimilar to one's own. Differosexual is always attraction to more than one gender.
Enanteic Similar Attraction to the antigender of one's own gender. Anti does not mean opposite.
Gay Opposite Attraction to the same or similar gender(s). Gay refers to similar gender attraction
Penultisexual Similar Attraction to all genders except one's own. Penultisexual includes all genders.
Strayt / Contraic Counterpart Attraction to dissimilar genders for non-binary individuals Straight is typically used by binary men and women.
Ultramoric / Unstraight / Straightn't Opposite Anyone who isn't straight. Straight is the opposite.


Label Orientation Flag Creator(s)
Heteroplatonic Platonic Heteroplatonic.png[8] Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags
Heteroromantic Romantic Heteroromantic.png[9] Itz henka gacha
Heterosensual Sensual [10] Unknown
Heterosexual[3] Sexual [11] Tomislav Todorović, Károly Mária Kertbeny


Label Flag Description Creator(s)
Bennetian[12] Bennetian.png[12] Straight attraction to men. recoinbrewery
Darcian[12] Darcian.png[12] Straight attraction to women. recoinbrewery
Julietian†[13] Julietian.png[13] Straight attraction to men. Unknown
Romeric†[14] Romeric.png[14] Straight attraction to women. Unknown

Julietian and Romeric is based off of the heterosexual couple Romeo and Juliet, in the play 'Romeo and Juliet', written by William Shakespeare.[14][15]

Flags and Symbols

Straight Pride flags that have been created have generally been seen as harmful and ignorant, as they represent a sense of pride over a heteronormative identity, and one that is typically not marginalized nor oppressed.[16]

"But in that case it would not be a real "heterosexual pride" flag, rather a "heterosexual supremacy" flag (it is difficult to separate these issues, especially when a majority is envolved[sic], but it is possible), or even a flag against sexual orientation diversity." -António Martins[17]

However, some individuals (especially non-binary) may take pride in their straight (or strayt) orientation as it describes their queer attraction to dissimilar gender(s), thus still residing within an oppressed minority.


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