The multinominal flag.

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Multinominal also known as ‘Polynominal’, ‘Plurinominal’, or ‘Pluronominal’ refers to an individual who goes by and identifies with two or more names.[1]

Those who are multinominal may for one reason or another may:

1. Use two or more names at the same time, they alternate between the ones they are most comfortable with at the time.

2. Use certain names in certain situations, this may be that they use their deadname in situation where they have to, or they may use one name with friends and another with online friends. (See Mutonominal)

3. Let others decide what name to use, this might be their friend choosing to call them one name and then another calling them another name. For example, friend A calls them Scarlet whilst friend B calls them Amy.

4. Use different names at different times, this can refer to them being fluid in how they call themself, this may or may not be fluid on a regular basis, this may or may not be due to preference.

5. Their preference for their name/s fluctuate and so use a number of different names when other names just don't feel right at that moment in time. For instance, One may use the name Harry, on Monday that individual may have a high preference, but on Friday, their preference for Harry is low and so use their back-up name of Louis if it is of a high preference on that day or they feel they need to have a name.

6. They are a system and find that all members having names are important, the body may have these names or the individual system members, or both.

7. One simply just likes to collect names. Or hoards names because they have a hoarder disorder.

One also may use this if they are multigender or they are genderfluid etc, where they feel as if having multiple names is representative of their gender.

Related Terms

Label Flag Description
Nomipan Nomipan Flag This refers to an individual who has multiple names and uses them all at once. For instance they may wish to alternate between the names within the same sentence, or they may get others to do that. (Citation needed)
Pannominal Pannominal Flag This refers to an individual who is content being referred to with any name, or nearly any name, and don't care much or at all about which names other people refer to them with. They may not introduce themself with a name and as long as they don’t oppose the name and may ask another individual to call them whatever name, this isn’t always the case as the Pannominal individual may already have a set of names and they allow others to pick from the set already listed as their preferred names, or the individual may have a list of names to exclude so that others have an idea of what they don’t want to be called. (Citation needed)
Rapidnominal Rapidnominal Flag[2] This refers to when an individual has a fluid name or names, but their preferences rapidly change, they individual may not express this change and just choose a base name to make it easier for themself and others.

An individual may use this if can’t choose what name they prefer and instead of making others keep up they have a base name or names whilst they figure it out.[3]



The Multinominal flag and the alternate were created by Trumedphobix on or before September 25th 2019. [4] It is currently unknown whether the creator of the flag coined the term as a LGBTQIA+ term.