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Orientation: Any
GxG Format: !W x !W

Genders: Non Women
Attracted To: Non Women

Floric is an orientation characterized by being a Non Woman attracted to Non Women[1]. The attraction is not exclusive and includes anyone who is:

  • Gay men
  • Other mlm, nblm, nblnb and mlnb identities
  • Non-Binary individuals of any alignment as long as they are Non-Woman in someone way
  • Non Women who prioritize their attraction to Non Women

The Non-Men counterpart is Faunic.


Floric was coined on July 31, 2019 by variant-archive on Tumblr.[2][3] (These three references may need to be moved)

Similar terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Achillean Similar term Men aligned-Loving-Men aligned Achillean is more specific than Floric
Faunic Counterpart The Non-Man counterpart of floric. Faunic is Non-Man loving Non-Man
Turian Similar term Queer attraction to men Turian defines attraction towards men specifically
Vincian Similar term Men-Loving-Men Vincian is more specific than Floric


The term Floric comes from the Italian region of Florence, where Leonardo Da Vinci was born[4]. The term Vincian also comes from Da Vinci’s name.[5]