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Asensual is an orientation prefix defined by little to no sensual attraction, the prefix A- meaning "not" or "a lack of" in Greek.


Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Allosensual Opposite An individual that experiences sensual attraction. It is the opposite of asensual.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Label Prefix / Suffix Flag Description Creator(s)
Asensualflux -flux Asensualflux3.jpg Fluctuating between feeling sensual attraction and lacking sensual attraction.
Asenfluid -fluid Fluid between asenspec orientations.
Asenflexible -flexible Mostly asensual with one or two cases of sensual attraction; occasionally or rarely experiences sensual attraction; asensual with fluidity
Asensualspike -spike Asensualspike1.jpg Normally asensual but occasionally allosensual.
Asenfog -fog An individual that knows they are asensual but are unsure if one experiences sensual attraction as a result of neurodiversity.
Asenjump -jump Normally allosensual, but occasionally experiencing sudden and intense periods of asensuality.
Asenvauge -vauge Asensuality partially influenced by one's neurodivergence.
Asenvoid -void Experiences neutral or no feelings towards one's own orientations except one's asensuality.
Demisensual Demi-


Only sensually attracted to those who one is emotionally close with.
Nebulasensual Nebula- Cannot distinguish sensual attraction between another attraction due to neurodivergency.

Flags and Symbols