Heyo, I'm Jeb_CC (xe/xem/xir), the Bureaucrat of the MyWikis and Miraheze LGBTQIA+ Wiki. I may be strict but only to ensure the quality of our work here! I'm actually quite friendly and always open to answer any questions you may have.

Current work:

Going through each page and...

  • Ensure words-for-words are formatted correctly as per new rule adjustments.
  • Ensure tables are in alphabetical order.
  • Ensure lists are formatted correctly.
  • Remove oldID link from any Miraheze/Wikitide links.
  • Add missing templates where applicable.
  • For each image, add licence info and ensure creator is accurate (on both image and article page).
  • Ensure applicable redirects are created.
  • Ensure each redirect is categorised as per new categorisation rule adjustments.
  • Ensure the prefix page is either a redirect or a disambig page.

Long term goals:

  • Add as many terms from Miraheze/Wikitide as possible.
  • Add IPA pronunciations to terms.
  • Research and expand more deeply into the history of certain LGBT terms.
  • Add research and guidance for LGBT issues such as transitioning.
  • Research and list global LGBT friendly organisations, parties, and support groups.
  • Add a list of popular forums/support/education sites for various identities (such as AVEN).

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