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Nixic or nixgender is an umbrella term for identities comprised of both genderless and aligned aspects, which may result in identifying as partially gendered, the German prefix 'nix' meaning 'nothing'.[1][2] These gendered aspects can be experienced simultaneously, fluidly, or through fluctuations. Nixic identities are often used by those who feel simultaneously connected and disconnected from their gender.


Nixic as an umbrella term was coined by Tumblr user Nixics (now deactivated) on Jan 18, 2019, though many of its subgenders were coined at an earlier date.[2]

Related Terms

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Label Prefix / Suffix Flag Description Creator(s)
Nijuxera/junixera[3] Ju-, -Era Gender that is both genderless and juxera. imoga-pride
Niproxvir/pronixvir[3] Pro-, -vir Gender that is both genderless and proxvir. imoga-pride
Nixangi[4] -Angi Gender that has both genderless and androgynous or androgyne-aligned aspects. beyond-mogai-pride-flags
Nixavire[5] -Vire Gender that has both genderless and boygirl-aligned aspects. imoga-pride
Nixera[6] -Era Gender that has both genderless and feminine-aligned aspects. Nixera
Nixvir[7] -Vir Gender that has both genderless and masculine-aligned aspects. Nixera

Flags and Symbols

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