Orientation: Any
PronunciationUS: mənˈɑːpəli
PronunciationGB: məˈnɒpəli
Main Umbrella: Relationship

Monopoly or Polymono is defined as being open to having either a monogamous or polyamorous relationship but unlike Ambiamorous, one who is Monopoly might have a preference for one or the other, but still may be open to the different types of relationships.

The component 'Mono' comes from the Greek cardinal word meaning 'One or alone'[1] but may also mean 'single'[2]

The component 'Poly' comes from the Greek 'πολύς' which can mean many things, such as 'A lot', 'much', 'great'[3] The word 'Poly' means 'Many' or 'Much'[4] but can also mean 'Several', 'More than one'[5]


Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Ambiamorous Counterpart Enjoy both monoamorous and polyamorous relationships with little to no preference between the two[6] Ambiamorous individuals do not have a preference, whilst Polymono/Monopoly indviduals may have one.
Monoamorous Opposite An exclusive relationship of exactly two individuals. Monoamourous individuals have a perference for only having one partner and that is it. Polymono/Monopoly may only have one preference, which could be Monogamy.
Polyamorous Opposite A relationship made up of more than two individuals Monopoly/Polymono individuals may still engage in polyamory but that may not be the same for every individual. They may have some sort of preference, the preference may not be Polyamory.

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