Mono (orientation)


Orientation: Any
Prefix: Mono-
Main Umbrella: Orientation
GxG Format: ?x1?

Attracted To: Any single gender

Mono (orientation) is an orientation prefix encompassing the exclusive attraction to a single gender,[1] the prefix mono- meaning 'alone', 'single', or 'one'.[2]


In 1922, the term 'monosexual' was used by psychoanalysts. It was elaborated upon by Wilhelm Stekel, who believed that individuals only behaved as if they were monosexual, but that no one was actually monosexual.[3] However, the anthology Bi Any Other Name stated that the term was created by the bisexual movement.[4]

The mono- pride flags were created by Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags on January 16, 2018.[5]

Content Warning: Monosexism
Monosexism is the belief that human beings should or can only be attracted to (and have relations) with a single gender. Monosexist individuals may see bisexual/biromantic individuals as promiscuos, greedy, indecisive, confused, going through a phase, more likely to cheat on their lover, sinful, and more.[6]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Bi Opposite The attraction to two or more genders. Mono individuals are only attracted to one gender.
Multi Opposite The attraction to more than one gender. Mono individuals are only attracted to one gender.


Label Orientation Flag Creator(s)
Monoaesthetic Aesthetic Monoaesthetic.png[5] beyond-mogai-pride-flags
Monoalterous Alterous Monoalterous.png[5] beyond-mogai-pride-flags
Monoplatonic Platonic Monoplatonic.png[5] beyond-mogai-pride-flags
Monoqueerplatonic Queerplatonic Monoqueerplatonic.png[5] beyond-mogai-pride-flags
Monoromantic Romantic Monoromantic.png[5] beyond-mogai-pride-flags
Monosensual Sensual Monosensual.png[5] beyond-mogai-pride flags
Monosexual Sexual Monosexual.png[5] beyond-mogai-pride-flags


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