Mental Attraction and Orientation

Mental Attraction

Orientation: Mental
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Genders: Any
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Mental Attraction and Orientation is a form of emotional attraction where one may desire a mental relationship with a particular individual. Mental attraction may also be called "intellectual attraction" or "psychological attraction." This type of relationship is based on the desire to forming an intellectual bond with someone in particular. The bond is related to an exchange of wisdom, knowledge and interests.[1] Mental attraction primarily relies on common interests, tastes, and ideas.[2]

Mental relationships have been shown to release oxytocin and dopamine similar to other relationships. These relationships can develop the same level of intimacy and trust as relationships founded on other attractions.[3]

Additionally, some individuals define mental attraction as an umbrella term for all spiritual or intellectual attractions.[1]


The mental attraction flag was coined by a user going by Anderson on December 6th, 2020. Orange-ish red represents communication, dark orange-ish red represents common interests, pale pink represents opinions, maroon represents differences in thought-patterns, red represents beliefs, dark pink represents minds in a whole, light pink represents emotions and mentalities, and the two maroon circles overlapping represent bonding.[1]

It is unknown when this term was coined, however it has been used in the community, (specifically the a-spec community) for a many years.

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Social Similar The attraction to a social relationship. Social is an attraction to social interactions and relations, whereas mental attraction is the attraction to another's psyche.

Sub Terms

Label Flag Description Creator(s)
Spiritual Attraction This is a form of attraction based on valuing a particular individual's opinions, emotional and mental reliance mourningmogaicrew

Flags and Symbols

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