Ende (orientation)


Prefix: Ende-
Main Umbrella: Aspec


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Ende is an orientation prefix that describes an individual's attraction to another that fades over time, the old English word 'ende-' meaning 'end'.[1][2]

The duration of the attraction can be short, long, or varied. Ende is unlike typical attraction fluidity as the attraction does not return. The prefix 'ende-' can accompany other alignments, such as Endebisexual (ende-bi-sexual). This does not mean the individual stops being bisexual after time, only that the attraction to a specific individual expires.[2]


Ende was coined by Jeb_CC.[2]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Ali Similar An individual who is attracted to strangers/acquaintances but the attraction is lost on contact or after getting to know each other. Ali depends on the type of relationship, whereas ende is only based on duration of attraction.
Aliquantum Similar Describes an individual who has limited sexual attraction or arousal, and may have attraction to someone for a long or a short amount of time, but loses that attraction. Aliquantum attraction does not always expire whereas ende does.
Chronosa Opposite An individual who takes a long time to experience attraction towards someone (usually well over a few months). Chronosa takes time for attraction to develop, whereas ende takes time for attraction to disappear.
Eras Similar An individual whose attraction has partially/fully vanished. Eras refers to the orientation or pattern of attraction, rather than individual instances of attraction.


Label Orientation Flag Creator(s)
Endeplatonic[2] Platonic Jeb_CC
Enderomantic[2] Romantic Jeb_CC
Endesexual[2] Sexual Jeb_CC


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