Wolffian is an alternate term for a male, male-like, or those whose fetal development favored the Wolffian ducts. It is typically defined as an individual who has various male bodily traits, though the original definition broadly describes it as individuals whose development favored the Wolffian ducts, which typically leads to the creation of a penis.

The original definition encompasses those who may be infertile, altersex, and those with ambiguous genitalia.

The more specific definition however includes the requirement to produce sperm via penis and testes, having a higher production of testosterone, and the ability to impregnate others.[1]


The term was originally suggested by a transgender woman in the early 2010s to describe individuals whose development favored the Wolffian ducts.[1] The term was popularized by Tumblr user acro-pluris in 2018 and redefined by Tumblr user mourningmogaicrew to be more specific.[2][3]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
AMAB Similar Individuals who were assigned male at birth based on external sex characteristics. Wolffian is a type of bodily sex, whereas AMAB is the legal assignment of one's sex.
Müllerian Counterpart Alternate term for biological female. Müllerian is the feminine counterpart.

Flags and Symbols

The flag was created by Tumblr user mourningmogaicrew on August 31, 2021. The symbol was created by the same user on the same day and was based off the male symbol.[3]


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