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Pronounfluid Flag
Pronounfluid Original Flag

Pronounfluid refers to an individual whose pronoun sets change over time, one’s pronouns may change over an ever changing period, could be over a few days or every day or every month, etc.

This falls under the Pronoun Non-Conforming and Multipronominal umbrellas. Their pronouns may change with their gender but isn’t necessarily the case. (See Pronounflux)

One who is Pronounfluid may feel as if they need to be fluid with their pronouns, it might be due to their gender. For example, one who feels as if one day they are a Demigirl and so may use the pronoun set-They/Them, and then another day they feel as if they need to use a Xenogender and so may use a set relating to that xenogender.

They may also be Pronounfluid if they feel their preference changing, this may or may not be linked with Pronounflux, they may feel that the pronouns they have, for instance, They/Them, doesn't work for them at that moment, or doesn't work at all and so use another pronoun set, for instance use Xe/Xem/Xir

Related Terms

Term Definition Flag
Fraypronominal When the pronoun one uses are likely to change once they are being used. (Citation Needed) Fraypronominal.png[1]
Mutopronominal When one’s pronouns changes in certain situations or with certain individuals. This might be using he/him with family, but they/them with friends. One may use pronouns when in a formal setting, one may not use them in other settings.

The online version of this is: Webpronounswap (Citation Needed)

Pronounflux When one’s pronoun preference fluctuates in intensity. [2][3] Pronounflux.png


Pronounfluid was coined by FANDOM wiki user: -raining-constellations- in September 2020 on the wiki but was in use/coined prior to this.[4]

The original flag was created by FANDOM user: We.Kill.The.Earth.And.Do.Nothing.To.Save.It in September 2020. And the new current flag was created by the same individual in January 2021