Sexual Characteristics: Penis

People Who Have Penises (PWHP), or Individuals Who Have Penises (IWHP), is a term for anyone who has a penis, regardless of gender.

This includes individuals who have had a penis since birth and individuals who have had gender affirming surgery to create a penis. It was coined to combat the ideology that having a penis makes someone a man, and to promote gender-neutral language and terms. The term allows simplicity in describing genitalia in medical situations, where describing individuals as "male" may ignore the existence of intersex and trans individuals.

Other names used for this concept include PHP (People Having Penises), PEPs (Penile People), and was formerly named POP (People of Penises) and IOP (Individuals of Penises).


The terms POP and IOP were coined by Cryptocrew on March 13, 2021.[1] It was coined to help relieve dysphoria in many genderqueer individuals. The alternate wordings of PWHP, PHP and PEP were coined by Wiki user foreigntoolmaker on September 30.[2]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
PWHN Counterpart An acronym meaning "People Who Have Neither." PWHV refers to anyone who has neither a penis nor vagina.
PWHV Counterpart An acronym meaning "People Who Have Vaginas." PWHV refers to anyone who has a vagina.


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