Nature Systems


The Nature Systems are a series of gender alignment systems based on different aspects of nature.[1] There are four systems:

  • The Nadurian System, consisting of genders based on naturecore aesthetics
  • The Sylvian System, consisting of genders based on forest aesthetic and an intense, seemingly immeasurable nature-centered gender experience
  • The Fleurian System, consisting of genders based on flowercore aesthetics and specific flowers
  • The Mystian System, consisting of genders that are based on different magical aspects of nature Since genders from The Mystian System are magical in nature, and not specifically aligned with one kind of nature, they can be used as modifiers for genders from all three of the other Nature Systems

All of the Nature System genders have a general connection to naturecore, even if they are more specifically connected to certain aspects, and consist of general genders which are aligned, and specific aspect genders which can be combined with the aligned genders from the system. Any and all genders from these four systems can be used as individual genders themselves, or as modifiers to any others from their system.


The entire system was developed by FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs throughout February 2021.[1]

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Flags and Symbols

The Nature Systems flag was created by FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs in February 2021.[1]


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