Nameless Flag

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Nameless, also known as unnamed, unnominal, nonnominal, nullnominal, anominal. Is a form of Name Non-Conforming where one identifies with no name or doesn’t have any connection with names.

Nameless comes from the English word which has a variety of meanings; ‘Having no name, or not having a name that is known’[1] is a popular definition.

Nameless individuals may go by a name in situations where it is socially expected-this may be for instance, using their deadname, or use a name they feel some sort of comfort with when in these situations, such as a friend’s name- But, do not identify with that name. It is important to note that being nameless is not the same as questioning/being undecided with the name they choose. They may identify with nameless until they decide on a permanent name.

Some nameless individuals may not view being Nameless as temporary, they may continue to use these names in those expected situations, or may insist that whoever they are speaking to or are acquainted with don’t use a name for them, or use a nickname or use any form of identification without using a name.

One who is nameless may also decide to have a list of names in order to meet these expectations, as it is usually socially expected to have a name citation needed. (See Nomiset)


When the term was coined as a LGBTQIA+ term is unknown. Though the flag for Nameless was created by Sonic[2] on or before February 28th 2019, the colors of the flag’s meaning aren’t known.