Gray (orientation)


Prefix: Gray-
Main Umbrella: Aspec
GxG Format: ?x?

Genders: Any
Attracted To: Any

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Gray (orientation) is an orientation prefix that describes an individuals’ attraction being a ‘gray area’ or having a vague defined position along a spectrum.[1]

Gray refers to when an individual’s attraction isn’t fully describable, or they experience the attraction too infrequently to be able to put words to their experience.

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Aego- Similar Aego refers to an individual to enjoys the content or context of a relationship or fantasies but when it comes to oneself, one may experience a disconnect. They may enjoy it for someone else. Aego doesn’t imply attraction, it might be that the Aego individual experiences a lot of attraction or very little. It refers to the individual’s relationship with the attraction and how they may enjoy the context but may experience a disconnect.
Bellus- Similar Bellus refers to an individual who has an interest in traditionally romantic, sexual, sensual etc, things but doesn’t experience the attraction or want to have that type of relationship. A Bellus individual may enjoy or desire these activities with the romantic, sexual, sensual context not being noted. A Bellus individual may enjoy these types of activities and contexts, a Gray individual may not. A Bellus individual doesn’t necessarily experience an attraction, a Gray individual though may not feel comfortable with these activities due to not feeling an attraction or due to their attraction being so weak.
Caligo- Similar Caligo refers to an individual who feels their attraction is weak, vague or almost non-existent. With Caligo the individual may understand the attraction, they can acknowledge that the attraction is weak or vague, whilst with a Gray individual they can only describe it as a ‘Gray Area’ and it may not be able to be fully described.
Ceptus- Counterpart Ceptus refers to an individual who experiences little to no attraction but may experience strong desires, it can be used alongside Demi to refer to who one may have these desires. It is often used with Demi, and also describes desires while Gray does not. While Gray individuals may experience desires they still do not have an attraction or limited at best. The different between the two is the strong desires, and that one who is Ceptus may experience no or little attraction but may develop it once they develop a bond.
Caed- Opposite Caed refers to an individual who feels as if their orientation has changed due to trauma. As is says in the description it is due to trauma, where Gray isn’t necessarily that, Gray only refers to the gray area and to the unknown of the attraction.
Demi- Opposite The Demi prefix means ‘half’ or ‘partial’, an individual who is Demi only experiences the attraction/s once they have developed an bond with another individual. Demi individuals experience the attraction more frequently once they develop the bond, this however isn’t the case for Gray individuals who’s attraction isn’t based upon bonds but rather the vagueness of their attraction.
Fray- Opposite The Fray label comes the English word fray or to be frayed, meaning to be worn out, it is often used to describe individuals who only experiences these attractions to those they don’t have an emotional connection to, they lose the attraction once they know the person. A Fray individual may use the term Gray but it only describes the loss of attraction once an emotional connection is formed, Whereas Gray the attraction is unknown and not able to be described.


Label Prefix / Suffix Flag Creator(s)
Grayaesthetic Aesthetic
Grayalterous Alterous
Grayaroace/Grayrose Aroace/Rose

Grayattraction Attraction
Grayplatonic Platonic
Grayqueerplatonic Queerplatonic
Grayromantic Romantic
Graysensual Sensual
Graysexual Sexual
Graysocial Social

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