Gender Dysmorphia

Gender Dysmorphic
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Gender Dysmorphia or Sex Dysmorphia is a term that describes the gendered dysmorphia/conflict over one or more perceived flaws in one's own physical appearance. It is characterised by one's confliction between one's immaterial/incorporeal brain/mind and their material/corporeal gender/body.[1][2][3]

It is considered to be a subset or type of body dysmorphia.

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Gender Disconnect Similar The feeling of disconnect between one's gender identity and their assigned gender at birth. One may feel a disconnect between their gender identity and their AGAB without feeling distress.
Gender Dysphoria Similar The feeling of discomfort, distress, or self-hatred stemming from a disconnect between one's AGAB and gender identity. Dysphoria does not have to be directed at a perceived physical flaw, nor does dysmorphia have to be a result of dysphoria.
Gender Envy Counterpart A feeling of envy towards an individual's gender presentation. Dysphoria is not necessarily related to the desire to present similarly to a specific individual.
Gender Euphoria Opposite The comfort or joy experienced when one presents as or is viewed as one's true gender. Gender euphoria is based on joy and comfort, not distress.
Paraphoria Counterpart The state of being between or beyond dysphoria and euphoria. One may not experience any dysphoria or may have a complicated relationship with dysphoria.
Quoiphoric Counterpart One who is unaware of their experiences of gender/sex sonance. One is who quoiphoric may not know if they experience dysphoria.


Gender dysmorphia is often considered synonymous with gender dysphoria, but Ap from the beyond-mogai-pride-flags Tumblr blog coined a clearer distinction between the two terms on the 12th of December, 2019.[3]

Flags and Symbols

The gender dysmorphic flag was created by beyond-mogai-pride-flags on the 12th of December, 2019.[3]


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