Domestic Attraction and Orientation

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Domestic Attraction is a form of attraction where one wishes to perform domestic activities with or for another.[1] These may include actions such as:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Housework
  • Gardening
  • Living together
  • Raising children

One's pattern of domestic attraction towards certain genders typically (but not always) forms that individual's domestic orientation. Domestic orientations are often identified by the usage of the '-domestic' suffix, such as heterodomestic, or bidomestic.

An individual who regularly experiences domestic attraction would be allodomestic. Someone who does not regularly experience domestic attraction may be adomestic. A partnership based on domestic attraction may be called a domestic relationship or a DOR for short.citation needed Domestic attraction is often related to platonic and romantic attraction.


Domestic attraction has a long history, but is not usually referred to by name.

Descriptions of domestic attraction are frequently found along with descriptions of romance. A consequence of this is that many domestic attraction/relationships are incorrectly considered by some to involve romance.

In some patriarchal regions, women are encouraged to feel domestic attraction so they will be more willing to preform domestic tasks for their partner (especially in heterosexual marriages).[2] These individuals are sometimes referred to as housewives but many societies and its individuals find the term politically incorrect and refuse the usage of said term.[3]

The term Domestic Partnership is a legal term to describe adults who perform activities seen in a typical relationship, such as living together and being romantic, but who are not married.[4] The term was originally proposed in August 1979 by Tom Brougham. His requirements were two individuals who resided together and didn't qualify for marriage due to being the same gender.[5] The definition was eventually written into law and the definition was expanded. One must register to be in a recognized Domestic Partnership, and then the partners may receive some of the same benefits as a married couple. Domestic Partnerships are occasionally used as an alternative to marriage by queer couples (especially same-gender partners who are not eligible for marriage). As Domestic Partnerships are determined by law, they are not necessarily the same as a DOR since a domestic relationship is a socially prescribed bond.

The first known mention of domestic attraction by name was on 7 Feb, 2021 by AceXPGrace on an AVEN forum.[1]

Flags and Symbols

The domestic attraction flag was created by Fandom wiki user foreigntoolmaker on August 27th, 2021.citation needed The orange represents domestic attraction, the yellow represents diversity, the purple represents queer identity and experiences, and the blue represents domestic relationships.


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